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When Ryo(sola aoi), a new magazine reporter, moves into a new apartment they are greeted through the passionate sounds of his astonishingly beautiful neighbor Satsuki. Realizing the wall dividing their apartments is paper thin, the captivated journalist actually starts to eavesdrop on every detail in the girl nearby’s life: her conversations, her bubble baths… her breathless cries. While Ryo’s fantasies escalate into something bordering on love and obsession, Satsuki becomes increasingly hysterical within the bizarre and dirty phone calls terrorizing her every night. When their lives finally converge delusions and reality blur forcing the unthinkable that occurs.,


sora aoi Suster keramas 2 (2011)


Aoi had a starring role inside Indonesian horror movie Suster Keramas 2 (Shampooing Nurse 2 or Evil Nurse 2), making her the 3rd Japanese AV actress to look (fully clothed) in Indonesian films

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Aoi Sora practices dancing to prepare for her new movie(Aoi Sora picture):


sora aoi movie

The audio movie will attribute a famous, Korean dance group named ‘Love Cubic‘. they are a five member lady set that presently carries a lover bottom of close to 50,000.



sora aoi movie

The song may be the theme track of her first Chinese movie “Your second Dream” which marks her acting debut inside a mainstream movie.


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